Who We Are

We are a collective of game developers, hobbyists, and artists. We're the people who like to make things and have fun doing it. At our core we are an open community looking to spread the joy of building interactive experiences in our area.

We are open to all levels of interest and experience. If you want to learn how to make games, if you're just curious about the process. Even working, industry professionals are welcome. The only thing we require of anyone in the group is to respect one another. That's all it takes.

What We Do

Involvement in the group goes as deep as you'd like. We do a wide range of activities throughout the year and are sensitive to busy schedules (most of us have them). Our activities range from bi-weekly meetups, to jams, to conventions and conferences. Recently we took a contingent of developers out to the East Coast Game Conference in Raleigh. We have held exhibitions at ETSU Con and Conapalooza.

As jams go, we almost always hit Ludum Dare every quarter. If there's a jam you'd like to do, contact us, someone will probably want to throw in on it. We also have a larger group project that we're usually working on. Contributions to these projects are usually open.

We meet every other Monday(see Facebook for dates) at Knight's Pizza in Johnson City. These meetings are informal. We just have a casual conversation and catch up with whatever we're working on at the time.

Our Games

Many of the games we have developed together were designed for game jams. A game jam is a community event where a bunch of people get together online, in person, or both and make a game within a certain time frame and certain parameters.

The biggest jam we do is Ludum Dare. It's the largest online-only jam in the world. It's the second largest jam in general, closely following the Global Game Jam, which is a worldwide web of physical, connected game jams.

Many of the developers we work with also have extensive personal portfolios. Some of these projects range from large, commercial projects to small, individual jam games.